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About Charlie

Chef and owner Charlie Abowd approaches cooking with great love and passion.

“A lot of love goes into everything we do here,” he said. “And I think that's a big part of what people feel when they come to enjoy a meal at Café at Adele's.”

As a fourth generation chef, Charlie's interest in food is truly rooted in family, having virtually grown up in a restaurant. His philosophy about food and life is simple: Use only the best ingredients and don't mess it up.

To that end, Charlie uses organic, hormone-free beef, chicken and lamb, as well the finest sustainable seafood. Organic and locally grown produce is a mainstay on his menus and Charlie is an avid backer of Carson City's farmer's markets and buys much of his produce from nearby farms. Charlie has also developed strong relationships with the best fishmongers around and this love of fresh seafood is evident on his menus, which regularly feature creative dishes based on the best seafood available.

Charlie's culinary skills are known well beyond Carson City. He was invited to cook at the legendary James Beard house in New York City, a huge honor and challenge. Charlie and his crew delivered a wonderful meal to rave reviews. You can watch a video of the memorable evening here.

Charlie's love of good food is matched by his love of music and art. He enjoys using the restaurant as a showcase for the arts hosting the Summer Concerts on the Veranda Series and Concert Under the Stars: A Benefit for The Greenhouse Project each summer as well as presenting other musical talent throughout the seasons. Café at Adele's also presents the Celebrity Chef and Merriner Cancer Cottages dinners each year and both he and Karen spend many Sundays with The Loving Hearts Club, feeding the area's homeless at Record Street in Reno.

Charlie believes good food, music and the arts are key to enjoying life.

About Karen

Karen Abowd's passion for food is matched only by her passion for helping the community; she's the driving force behind many Carson City projects. The next time you admire the beautiful flower baskets that now line Carson Street, thank Karen for launching that initiative.

She has also been the driving force behind The Greenhouse Project, a beautiful example of what can grow from having a dream that includes a commitment to education, sustainability and helping others. While Karen's accomplishments are diverse, this latest addition is an achievement whose scope is far reaching.

Her involvement with children's organizations through the years, both through her work as a CCD teacher 18 years at St. Teresa of Avila and in other community outreach made her keenly aware of how many children had little or no access to fresh produce.

Working tirelessly, she assembled an array of public and private organizations and businesses to build The Greenhouse Project, located on the campus of Carson High School. The completely self-sustaining greenhouse is the first of its kind in Nevada and provides fresh produce to area schools and food banks. The educational aspect of The Greenhouse Project, reintroduces agricultural classes to Carson High School, while promoting understanding of where food comes from and the importance of sustainable and organic farming to school children of all ages. The realization of this dream and its continuance has taken place thanks to the support of the city and other community groups. To learn more about The Greenhouse Project, how to volunteer, donation and support opportunities, visit www.carsoncitygreenhouse.org.

In addition to serving as The Greenhouse Project president, Karen is also a Carson City Supervisor and interior designer, a talent which she has brought to bear at Café at Adele's.

About Anthony Kingsland

Veteran food and wine industry professional Anthony Kingsland is now manning the front of the house at Carson City’s popular Adele’s Restaurant & Lounge.

Kingsland has spent the last 20 years honing his skills at some of the region’s most respected dining establishments including Reno’s Rapscallion, The Stonehouse Café and Charlie Palmer Steak. Additionally, Kingsland owned a wine shop in Sparks and has earned distinguished second level sommelier designation. As floor manager, he oversees daily restaurant operations and staffing, as well as Adele’s wine program and special events.

“I’m excited to be here at Adele’s,” Kingsland said.  “I was born in Gardnerville so I feel a real connection to not only Carson City, but to Adele’s in particular.”

Kingsland looks forward to putting his own “thumbprint” on the iconic restaurant’s wine list. “I’d like to incorporate more value wines from around the world; great wines at great prices,” he explained.

Riffing off his deep wine industry knowledge, Kingsland also hopes to spearhead some educational wine and food pairing events at Adele’s.

Café at Adele's:
A New Chapter

In a move that involved “standing at the edge of the craps table and rolling the dice,” Chef Charlie Abowd and his wife, Karen, owners of Café at Adele's in January, began a new chapter in the restaurant's history.

It's a move that's paying off in spades not only for the restaurant, but for its employees and the community.

Feeling the impact of a down economy, the couple had two choices. The first, which Charlie refers to as “the me option” would have been to open only for dinner and lay off nearly 50 percent of his staff, many whom have been there nearly 20 years and who are part of the Adele's family.

Taking a leap of faith, the Abowds went with “the us option.”

Taking time during their regular closed period after New Year's, Karen, with her artist's eye, went into redesign mode “giving the old girl a lift.” Gone are the lace tablecloths and Victorian patterned carpet. Today, Café at Adele's has a more casual yet still elegant feel and showcases an array of local art courtesy of Artsy Fartsy Gallery in Carson City. Karen's own work is also available for purchase, with proceeds supporting The Greenhouse Project.

Technology upgrades have been added, allowing the Wine Room to be the best place in town for breakfast meetings, special events and gatherings. While Karen, with the help of daughter Raquel, was busy revamping Café at Adele's physical aspects, Charlie and son Jeremiah went to work creating a new breakfast menu and updating the existing lunch, dinner and beverage offerings with lower pricing.

The kitchen was also reconfigured to accommodate the new menu.

“It has been a huge, huge undertaking and a positive one,” Charlie said.

Adding breakfast has meant hiring additional staff, and has given the community what it has always had - a wonderful lunch and dinner experience as well as now offering delicious and competitively priced breakfast cuisine.

Be sure to try Chef Elizabeth Moore's Pastry of the Day and for all you gentlemen, a Beermosa, a guy-friendly version of the more feminine Mimosa.

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