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Often described "creative continental," Abowd's menu is perhaps better expressed as having something for everyone. Appetizers start with an array of items from the sea including Maryland Soft Shell Crab available sautéed, Creole style or French-fried and served with three great dipping sauces including a Creole-style rouille, traditional western style tartar sauce and corn relish. The list also contains caviar, foie gras and two preparations of escargots: the more traditional style served shell-free and baked en casserole with herbed garlic butter, or Abowd’s version baked with Gorgonzola or goat cheese that melts right off the dish.

The oyster bar is not to be missed with oysters delivered from premier locations along the Pacific coast and served on the half shell or broiled in three different preparations: with fresh spinach, bacon and shallots, a hint of Pernod and topped with cheese; with garlic, butter, bacon, shallots, parsley and fresh Parmesan; or with Pancetta and a zesty barbecue sauce. Abowd also offers a starter cheese course that features boutique cheese makers from around the United States such as

  • Cowgirl Creamery in Point Reyes, Calif.
  • Maytag Cheese Company in Newton, Iowa
  • Hubbardston Blue in Hubbardston, Mass.
  • and Laura Chenel’s in Sonoma, Calif.

The entrees at Adele’s are just as varied and equally as tempting. Abowd regularly offers an array of meats ranging from certified organic and natural chicken, lamb, beef and pork as well as veal, natural duck from Sonoma or Long Island and seafood from purveyors around the world. It’s not uncommon to find other specialty plates that feature venison or buffalo. He focuses carefully on developing each menu item, often inspired by the local farmer’s market, and highlights many of his dishes with thoughtfully prepared sauces that serve to enhance the natural flavors of each ingredient. Every one of Abowd’s dishes feature delicately prepared food delivered in an elegant presentation.

All of the steaks on the menu are dry-rubbed with kosher salt, fresh ground pepper, fresh herbs and lemon, seared in extra virgin olive oil and served in an iron skillet. Abowd prepares all his steaks in an iron skillet so it sears quickly and holds in the natural juices. The cracked black pepper steak is capped with mushrooms, demi-glace and flambéed with Cognac, while the medallions of filet are drizzled with a Cabernet demi-glaze and sauce béarnaise, accented with poached gulf shrimp.

Abowd’s penchant for lamb is evident on Adele’s menu with creations that include a Moroccan lamb loin seasoned with a blend of spices, flambéed with apricot brandy and crowned with dried fruit and sesame seeds. Lamb chops are prepared in three different ways including a tart citrus mustard sauce with lemon, lime and orange zest, an Indian curry dish with dried fruits, nuts and shaved coconut, and a peppermint lamb chop that is flambéed in Peppermint Schnapps. The menu also features a lamb loin served with a blackberry Cabernet sauce and topped with toasted sesame seeds and Gorgonzola cheese.

Adele’s selection of seafood specialties begins with a daily selection of wharf-fresh fish that is pan-seared and lightly seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and topped with an herb crust before it’s finished in the oven with a touch of lemon or balsamic vinegar. Also featured on the menu is a fresh wild Spring-run Oregon salmon that is flambéed with a Spanish blood orange liquor and served with a spicy, fresh pineapple, shiitake mushroom and orange zest sauce. The list moves on to include a seafood jambalaya, Cajun gulf prawns sautéed with Adele’s own Cajun seasoning, sautéed crab with sherry and lobster with a number of pairings.

Abowd’s foray into seafood extends to his pasta dishes and salads with Pasta Fruits de Mer, Pasta Portofino, lobster and shellfish sautéed in white wine, red pepper and a touch of anchovy, a crab and linguine pasta, Herb-Crusted-Seared Salmon Salad and Louisiana Oyster Fritter Salad.

Newly added to the extensive list of menu items are Adele’s Upper Crust pizzas, which are prepared in the authentic Italian Riviera style with thin, cracker-like crusts and fresh intensely flavored ingredients. Tempting options include a white pizza with prosciutto, red onions, black olives and Parmesan cheese or a red wine marinara pizza with shiitake, cremini and morel mushrooms and smoked provolone cheese.

Adele’s desserts do not disappoint. The crème brulée is among the favorites; however Abowd also says the New Orleans-style bread pudding, crepes with fresh berries and Karens famous cheesecake have also left diners wanting more.


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