Recipes and Rambles that made Adele’s a Nevada hot spot

Forty years of cuisine and history as told by Chef Charlie Abowd

Carson City, Nevada – March 21, 2023.

Nevada politics, history and fabulous recipes combine for an entertaining memoir by renowned Chef Charlie Abowd, in the long-anticipated, “Recipes and Rambles that made Adele’s a Nevada hot spot,” is now available for pre-order.  This “James Beard Award” winning chef has spent his life immersed in his three passions – cuisine, music, and politics. Growing up in the tumult of the 1960s San Francisco music scene mixed with Vietnam War protests and activism, while learning the art of cooking at his parents’ Bay Area restaurants, formed Charlie’s future.

He promoted concerts and provided stage lighting for the biggest bands of the time, while living in the Santa Cruz mountains. This passion continued throughout his life.  During its iconic forty-year run, Adele’s Restaurant, and later, Café at Adele’s in Carson City, became legendary for fine dining, musicians, and celebrities that visited, and where Nevada’s movers and shakers gathered.

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Around its tables and over delicious cuisine, business people and elected representatives made deals and negotiated legislation. Adele’s played a pivotal role in bringing people together to benefit the greater Nevada good. Charlie has seen it all and now shares his stories interspersed with his patrons’ favorite recipes, some taken from Nevada Appeal archives and others published for the first time.  The book features a forward and farewell by Nevada journalist Jon Ralston, owner of The Nevada Independent and images by some of Nevada’s top photojournalists and photographers.



Cafe at Adele’s had a rich history that extended back to 1977, when the restaurant was first established by Paul and Adele Abowd, parents of fourth-generation and award-winning Chef Charlie Abowd,  co-owned the restaurant with wife Karen.

Stepping through the doors of this beautifully restored 1864 Comstock Mansart Victorian revealed the manifestation of true partnership the couple is known for. Karen’s eye for design and creativity are manifest in the restaurant’s decor, as is her commitment to supporting local arts, noted in the various displays presented by Artsy-Fartsy Gallery.

She found the perfect balance between luxury chic and casual comfort, creating a warm and inviting space in which to enjoy Charlie’s perfectly plated culinary delights.

Charlie’s culinary skills are known well beyond Carson City. He was invited to cook at the legendary James Beard house in New York City, a huge honor and challenge. Charlie and his crew delivered a wonderful meal to rave reviews.

In 2014, and in recent years, Cafe at Adele’s received a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor and was recognized by Nevada Business Magazine’s 2014 Family-owned Business Awards in the “Don’t Forget to Share” category, which recognizes a business that has made significant contributions to the community and prides itself on giving back.  Adele’s also was awarded multiple Diners’ Choice Awards, including for 2018.  Karen and Charlie also join the Loving Hearts Club in Reno, feeding the area’s homeless.

Cafe at Adele’s was the local community’s first choice for celebrating special moments and a haven for Nevada’s movers and shakers during each Legislative Session. Whether it’s a lovely beginning to the day with breakfast, a gathering of friends at lunch or an evening of romance for dinner, Cafe at Adele’s always provided an unforgettable dining experience that brought locals and out-of-state visitors through its doors time and again.